About me and my wicked little mind….


I’m new to this blog thing, but not to talking about anything and everything that runs through my head.   My nickname is Bikki, and you eventually will hear where it all began with that.  I am a Mom to a son in college and a daughter in Jr. High and wife to a man who is a road warrior.  I work in customer service for a large corporation who shall remain nameless and have worked in the CS field since…well…high school.  I know that because of that, I am your worst customer.  I have recently decided 2014 is the year of a better me.  That means trying new things (hellooooo blogging), trying to lose weight before our OBX trip, and being a better person spiritually (new-to-me church…and the roof didn’t cave in!!!) I can sit for hours on a beach doing nothing but watching the waves, but cannot sit still for more than 2 hours to watch a movie.  I will say something ‘out there’ just to get a reaction from the person I am talking to.  I take an insane amount of pictures that at first mean nothing, but they too become part of a story.  I believe that one day my true love will come back for me and I will forever be known as Mrs. Levine.  It’s my mind, I can be who ever I want.  I am not an author/writer and will not be telling Mrs. Wyatt about this blog, as I know my sentence structures and verb usage will put her over the edge..and I won’t do that to one of my favorite teachers.  I don’t make money doing this, it’s simply what ever is in my head spilling onto the keyboard.  Enjoy the ride.


Oh, and I know I will catch grief over this, but I really, truly, despise the movie “A Christmas Story”.



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