Missin’ the peepers!

It is March….in Ohio.  There is a bike shop right on the bike trail in town that I pass on my way to work.  Weeks…..months…ago,  they started the yearly count down to Spring.  “Spring is only 8 weeks away…….”.  I look forward to the countdown every year.  It means we are on the “upswing” of this dreadful season.  Every Monday they change the number….every week we inch forward another week towards Spring/Summer.   Today…..it would appear we are heading backwards…….we are under a winter storm warning.


Two nights ago, it was a night of rain, lightening, and rumblin’ thunder…..the forecast for Monday, March 31, 2014 is for a high of 58′.


It is time for the spring peepers to wake up and get a little rowdy.  Hearing them when I open my back door is Heaven to my ears!!  And I tell ya…..they can get LOUD.  Behind my home, there is a small pond…..the peepers live there….I’ve not seen them….but you can’t help but to hear them.  They also live at the bigger lake behind us.  When I first hear them….I’m like a kid when you put up the Christmas tree.  And it can be 24′ out and I will still be on my porch listening to them.   A  few weeks ago, my son was home from college for spring break.  Let me tell you…he can cook!  It was a nice day (above 45′), so he fired up the grill.  I pulled in from work and could smell it.  It was wonderful.  It was yet another small sign that winter is on it’s way out.   Then I stopped to listen.  No peepers yet.  That is the true sign.  Oh, and JB’s opening up.  There is some activity going on in that little brown building…..

I’m ready to see this:


And this…..



A little of this….



…more of this…



…a few walks here….



…and I don’t want to do it in my coat and boots.

I want my flip flops.  And bikini.  Just kidding about the bikini….maybe.


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