The Yearly Fish Fry

It’s getting close to that time of year again……the yearly fish fry. ¬†This really isn’t as big of a deal as I make it sound….but it kind of is ūüôā

Every year, during Lent, for the past 4 years, we have headed to Parma to one of the churches for a fish fry. ¬†I am looking forward to it again here in a few weeks. ¬†It is one of the few times a year we get to see our friends, Ron & Eric. ¬†We saw them just a few short weeks ago when Ron’s brother lost his battle with cancer.

The fish fry is not about the all-you-can-eat fish/noodles n’ cabbage/pierogies/mac n’ cheese (because you really can’t eat more than one serving)…’s not about this church serving better fish, or that church being cheaper….(ok…it’s a little about the pierogies).

Nom nom nom

Ok….it is A LOT about the pierogies. ¬†We have to bring a few dozen back…and we usually can’t get them all at one place. ¬†You will find us running around Parma for more pierogies. ¬†We love the ones from the churches, but they run out quickly. ¬†So we are usually on a mad hunt. ¬† We have no shame. ¬†We have been known to slip into the back door of ‘that bar down the road’ and talk to The Big Guy. ¬†His are the best. ¬†His are in the styrofoam ‘to go’ box. ¬†I don’t ask questions…..I don’t look him in the eyes….I just pay The Big Guy, bow and say thank you…and leave……quickly. ¬†Ok…it’s totally not like that…but the best ones we got were from the bar and they are in the to go box. ¬†This was our stash from our first trip there….and is ours alone. ¬†6 dozen. ¬†Yeah…no wonder I’m on a diet. ¬†Now…..we bring back about 5 times as much for those who don’t/can’t go. ¬†I really need to buddy up with these establishments and sell them down here….big money in this little town for these. ¬†Mrs. T’s ain’t got nothing on these northern folks!! ¬†I could be The Pierogy Peddler…or Pusher.

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It is, honestly, about making memories, being with friends, and trying to win the gorgeous quilt that the older ladies of the church make for the raffle. ¬†I won the first year I went, and haven’t ever again. ¬†No matter how many raffle tickets I buy. ¬†Grrrrrr.


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At this church, the kids who attend the school there play server.  We get our original plate ourselves, but then the kids are scattered throughout ready to refill our plates.  Our table keeps them busy.  Sadly, this is the last year for the school.  Due to financial reasons and lower attendance, the school part is closing.





Every year when we come back, someone will say how bad they want to go next year with us…then the time arrives, and it is a cluster getting people organized. ¬†So we decided we would set a date and time that we would be leaving and stick to it. ¬†If you can make it, great…if not…well…you are on your own. ¬†Organizing 12-15 people got too crazy. ¬†Two years ago, one set of friends made a point of asking for the day off from work……they truly planned for it. ¬†Then the snow hit.

Snow? Only in our town…the highway north…clear!! Fish Fry is ON!


¬†We still went…..the snow was only in our county and south….so why not still go???? ¬†They missed out! ¬†The following year, they planned and took time off again. ¬†But for what ever reason…I think there was something going on with one of their Mom’s…..they could not get up there in time. ¬†They did go up for the fish fry, but by the time they got there, we were done and on our way to rest our bellies at Ron & Eric’s. ¬†This year, the date has been set, the departure time has been set… there or be square. ¬†A little throwback for ya! ¬†

And as I write this…..I just got a text….we may have to change the date…..ugh. ¬†( We did….we are going tomorrow!)

Last year, Ron asked if we wanted to try someplace different….so we branched out…..and went to a different church. ¬†We won’t be making that mistake twice. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, it was ok, but it just wasn’t the same. ¬†The fish was……….different……and the cabbage ‘n noodles were non-existent. ¬†It wasn’t “Our Fish Fry”..or “Our Table”. ¬†They tried…..they really did. ¬†It was only their second year. ¬†I hope they make it to their third. ¬†However, this year, we will be back at our regular spot….at the table in the back of the hall….. buying raffle tickets…..resisting the urge to over indulge. ¬†We will then head over…..or roll over…to Ron & Eric’s and say hi to Savannah, their dog, and Madonna, their cat.




Mah belly full


I will be jealous of their beautiful deck and try to avoid seeing all the leg lamps from that horrible Christmas movie that they have around the house. I will try to remember to take pics of his cool tables downstairs so I can try to recreate them….but if he offers them to me one more time….I will not say no again!



So I started writing this post a few weeks ago. ¬†Tomorrow we are definitely going up for the fish fry. ¬†The usual people will be there plus someone new, a friend of my daughters…..everyone except for Savannah. ¬†Not sure of all the details, but Ron & Eric’s dog Savannah passed away this past Wednesday. ¬†Losing a pet totally sucks. ¬†They loved her as I have never seen someone love a pet. ¬†She truly was their child. ¬†She even had artificial knees. ¬†There were no boundaries when it came to her health and well being. ¬†Rest in Heaven sweet Savannah.


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  1. How did I miss this post???
    Holy crap do I want some of that fish fry.
    And the pierogis???
    And I am gonna call out Rebecca a little….we live near the largest Polish population outside of Warsaw and she has only had pierogis from the supermarket??
    That made me laugh.
    I MISS IT.

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