Where did all the time go?

Eight months.  Wow.  It’s been eight months since I have posted anything.  You would think I have been sitting at home doing nothing.  Hahahahahahahaha…..we all know better.  We did not make it to the fish fry however.  The day before, Ron & Eric had to have their sweet Savannah put down 🙁


I seriously had to go back through my FB timeline to remember where I went.  That is pathetic.

Amazingly enough, we found a few things locally that we never knew of/never visited.  As in 20 minutes from my house.  I’m almost ashamed.  Almost.  A state park and a monastery.  In between corn fields.

We headed north to our great lake.  Think lighthouse and the best fish ever.  And cheese.

We headed south to follow the Mohican River to the end.  A part of Ohio I had never seen.  Yes, there are parts I have not seen.  Yet.

Summer and early fall sent us out to the fairs.  From the almost-a-waste-of-time county fair, and the St. Joe’s Fest, to the street fair that was bigger than life.  And we can’t forget “The World’s Fair”.

Our big road trip this year was for a week long family vacation…..it was a very long trip.  As in “it felt like 20 hours long”.  But there was a beach at the end, so it was worth every long mile.  Except the drive home really was 20 hours.  A really long 20 hours.  Really.  Long.

We moved.  Well, we moved my son.  Three times.  In three  months.  All within a 1-2 mile radius each time.

Where do I start????

I’ve missed this.


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