GNO….woot woot!

Girls Night Out.  Oh, the stories that could be told from my younger years.  Every Wednesday night was THE night to go out after work.  We all worked together as operators for a phone company.  Yes, I placed your collect calls back in the day, connected you to the police and even gave you the phone number for the new pizza place in town.

We were a young, single, crazy and close group.  We chose Wednesdays because, honestly, that is when the guys played baseball and always went to the same bar after the games.  We weren’t stupid, we knew where to go <grin>.   We all would request Thursdays off so we could…..recover.  No one is more grateful for the ‘non technology’ of those days than I am.  Mighty fun times.

I have a different kind of GNO now.  It’s not on a set night and it usually ends up being spur of the moment.  Never intentional, it just…..happens.  It may happen once a month, or 2, 3, or as many as we want.  And it can go on for hours.  There can be long moments of silence, and then non-stop talking, laughing, crying.  We listen to what ever music we want to, or none at all.  We wear whatever we want, sit (or lay) where ever we want.   We eat what we want, when we want.

My kids are usually there also.  They barely know what’s going on except that I laugh a lot.  The husband is there too, but he usually ignores us and watches tv.  Or takes a nap.  My pets are there too.  Yes, this GNO is very pet-friendly.

At the end of the night, there are no long, drunken goodbye’s.  We don’t walk each other to our cars.  Most of the time we don’t even realize that GNO is over until the next morning.  Then, we usually  just pick up right where left off…that day…or maybe some other night.

These GNO’s have been going on for about the last year or two and they take place somewhere between Illinois and Ohio.

No one has to worry about being home at a certain time, because, that’s usually where we are.

One of the girls I see every few months.  Usually we just run into each other somewhere in our day-to-day life.  It’s always a nice surprise to see her.

The other one, I haven’t seen in almost 27 years.  Yes, 27 years.  Specifically, June 12, 1988.  High school graduation.

How is it possible not to see them when we have all these GNO’s?

Our GNO’s are different.  And I wouldn’t trade them for the world.  They usually start out as a simple question or comment….then it snowballs into a night of memories, tears, laughter…..and something pretty damn special.

These are some of my best nights.  And all we do is text back and forth.  Yes, that is my GNO.  I can cuddle up in my recliner, grab a book, listen to some music, pop some popcorn and spend a great evening with these two ladies.  We have a blast.  We talk about memories from school, old crushes, classmates we’ve lost.  We talk about our lives after high school, through college, pregnancies, weddings, divorces and life in general.  We cry together when one of us is hurting.  We support one another when one is struggling.  We cheer each other on.  We are there for each other.  And I don’t think any of us thought it would be like this when we were in high school.  We knew each other back then, but we were not close like we are now.

These ladies were put back into my life for a reason, and I won’t question it.  I will be forever thankful.

Love you K & K!

2 thoughts on “GNO….woot woot!”

    And I love those girls nights outs more than you will ever know.
    I cannot wait until we can do it in person and we will do it in person someday soon.

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