A rose between two corns….

……or should I say two cornfields?

Spring/cabin fever can get the best of me.  This past April, I was done.  Done.  So Bethy, Abi and I took off for a short, Sunday drive.  We didn’t want to go too far, but wanted to see something new to us.  Abi suggested we drive past the monastery that was by her house.  Abi lives out in the country.  Not in the country like I do……I still have neighbors….she is wayyyy out in the country.

I’m a little shocked that I had never even heard of this monastery before.  First, because I am nosey.  Maybe that’s the wrong word.  I just have this insane need to ‘know’ things.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me either.  Second, I pride myself on knowing a lot about where I live.  Like Flying Horse Farm.  Go ahead K, I’ll wait while you Google it 🙂


This monastery really is in between corn fields.  It is  the St. Gregory Palamas Greek Orthodox Monastery in Perrysville.  Who would’ve thought.

We didn’t visit the monastery, for the simple fact of not knowing too much about it (ok, we didn’t know anything at all), but we did take a few pics from the road.  It seems to me that in between two corn fields is the perfect place for this.  It looks very tranquil.

Yes, of course they have a website.  St. Gregory


We then headed to a state park that was not far from home but had never visited.  Not even a drive by.  Sometimes we tend to think that for something to be good or ‘worth it’, it has to be something big and over the top.  Sometimes, we need to take pleasure in the simple things.  Mt. Gilead State Park is not big, it is not full of cliffs or gorges or a huge lake.  It has a campground, a lake to fish in, picnic areas……and trails.



They have this nice sign that says blah blah trails this way and the distances.  We, of course, (ok, ME), opted for the shorter “distance”.  Because, as stated above, we need to take pleasure in the simple things.  Because a simple, short trail won’t kill me.  But the uphill climb WILL!  Are ya kiddin’ me????  Two miles around the lake is so much better than the half mile….trust me.  It felt like I had climbed the K-12 (name that movie).  Getting down wasn’t a picnic either.  It would appear that there had been some spring flooding…..which makes a mess of downed trees and gives it the appearance of a beaver dam.  Climbing over a huge log is not a pretty sight.  Me climbing over ANYTHING is not a pretty sight.  Abi and Bethy climbing over it?  Now that’s a different story.  It’s funny, and worthy of a few pictures…..but I promised them both  I wouldn’t embarrass them….




I think we’re going to have to try this place out for a quick camping trip some weekend.  It’s close enough to home….and close to Purple Indian.  Go ahead and Google that too 😉

Don’t worry…..we also visited Hemlock Falls and the grist mill a few weekends later….



Pssst……K:     Flyin Horse Farms

…….and another hint for the movie….”I want my two dollars!’

2 thoughts on “A rose between two corns….”

  1. My uncle William (who Ella was to be named after if she were a boy and my nephew is named after) is buried in Mt. Gilead as is my grandma and grandpa on my mom’s side.
    It’s fuzzy because they are divided up.
    Some are in Crestline and some are in Mt. Gilead.
    Anyhoo, he lived out that way as did my grandparents on a farm for many years, so I have been to that state park many a time.
    But I do want to go to the Purple Indian and I have never heard of that monastery.
    I need to spend a week with you there.

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