Where DID it all begin….??

Here I am.  On a cold and rainy Tuesday morning…….writing my first blog.  First thought…..what the heck am I doing?!?  (we may never know) Second thought… I nuts ???  (you can form your own opinion…just keep it to yourself)  Let me start from the beginning and tell you where it all began…..

Last September, my oldest brother was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer.  A little over 3 weeks later, he was gone.  He was awesome.  I know……everyone says that about their big brother.  But he was.  You’ll agree after I tell you all about him.  He was 10 years older than me, and I took my role as the bratty little sister very serious.


His death rocked our family, friends, and people we hadn’t even met.  My Mom is heartbroken, and we all need to be strong for her.  That is not an easy thing to do….but me, my other brother and my sister (all older…I am the baby), have been trying.  The thing about being strong for other people is that at some point you need your own release.  So what do you do?

A very dear friend of mine from school has a blog.     And I love reading it.  I seriously do…she has a way with words….and every post makes me smile….and some of them make me want to quit my job and redo every room in my house.  I think she needs to come live with me for a few months.  She is two states away, and I missed seeing her, for the first time since graduation, this past September.  In November, I asked her what made her decide to blog….and from there it was on.  She has not pushed…but has nudged me to blog (although I do like the thought of being pimped out….WooooHoooo).  Over Christmas, she mentioned how she liked getting newsletters with Christmas cards, but hadn’t gotten one in a while.   I decided to send her one, the old way.  On real paper.  Via the United States Postal Service.  It needed a big envelope.  It was more like a short essay.  And I loved doing it….probably more than she liked reading it.  But, it got me moving more towards a blog…again…because of her.  She has encouraged me and another friend from school to let our creative juices flow into the web.  That’s where this all began.

Inside this first post, there are already so many stories to be told, and I’m excited to tell the story of where they all began.  I want to write about everything.  I want to write about the first time I met my best friend in person, and the day I lost him.  I want to tell you about the road trip to see an old abandoned mansion and how it turned into the best day ever.  It included ice cream.  Kettle Korn Ice Cream.  Yes.


I want to tell you how amazing my brother was, and how crappy my day at work was.  I want to tell you why I wait so long to get my highlights touched up.  Or why I even get them at all.  I want to tell you about my upcoming trip this weekend.  And the one I took back in 1985.  And 2010.  And last January.  I want to tell you my secret Lasagna ingredient.  Maybe.  I want to share what goes on in this wicked little mind of mine.

Wish me luck.